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    This is version Last changed 20.05.2002.

    Testet on Win95/98, NT 4.0, Win2000 and WindowsXP

    Read the full documentation here.

    This application is developed entirely with Borland Delphi 4/5.

    Images is is created with Adobe Photoshop 5.0/5.5 and Paint Shop Pro 4.14.

    Consept, design and coding by Thor-Willy Gabrielsen. E-mail gabrielsen@informatics.no.

    I would like to thank all those people at the Borland Newsgroup, the guys in TeamB in particular, for all help, tips&tricks - specially regarding WinAPI's used in this utility.

    Version 20.05.2002
    A small bugfix released.

    Version 16.05.2002
    Version 2.0 Released
    The TypOmeter is finally released on the Internet.

    New Feature: Applications...
    The TypOmeter measures which applications you have used, when you used them, how long you used them, and how many mouse clicks and key presses you have given each application. All collected data is displayed in 9 detailed graphs, which shows you exactly which applications you have used, when and how much. The list of applications in the Application History Combobox is ordered alphabetically, thus making it easy to find your app when there comes a lot of applications in the list. Read more about this function here...

    New Feature: History...
    The History Statistics shows several graphs with values recorded by the TypOmeter, from today - and back for as long as the TypOmeter has been used. The History graphs shows you keypresses you have made every day, mouseclicks, time spent in front of computer, and so on. Read more about this function here...

    New Feature: Active Time Today.
    The TypOmeter measures how long time the user have been active working in front of the computer during the day.
    If there are no key presses, mouseclicks or mouse movements during a specific amount of time (default 60 secs), it is considered as the user is not working in front of the computer, but is most probably somewhere else.
    This is the lower right timer in the TypOmeter. Read more here...

    New Feature: Active Time this Week.
    The TypOmeter measures how long time the user have been active working in front of the computer during the last week; that means the sum of the active hours in front of the computer the previous 6 days+ the active time today.
    It is shown according to a Danish survey made by the "Arbeidsmedisinske klinikkene i Glostrup, Herning og rhus", that if you are working in front of the computer more than 25 hours a week(5 hours a day in a normal working week), it could damage your health.
    This value is only given in the Hint window and in History graph No.14.
    Please note, that due to the nature of this value, it will go a week from you install the TypOmeter until this value is correct.
    If you change the date on the computer, this value may be wrong for a week. Read more here...

    New Feature: Total Running Time Today.
    The TypOmeter shows how long it has been running during the day.
    If you restarts your computer every day, this shows the time that has elapsed since you started the computer this day. If the computer is always on, this number just shows how many hours that have elapsed since the new TypOmeter day started (which is default at 04 in the morning).
    This is the lower left timer in the TypOmeter. Read more here...

    Modification: Remember values during the day.
    When the TypOmeter is closed down, and restarted again, the TypOmeter remembers how many keystrokes, words etc, you have pressed today. So even if you have to restart the computer, had a unpleasant crash or something, you will not loose the statistics of today's hard work.
    If you have a regular crash, you will only loose a few keypresses in your statistics.
    This applies to all the counters and timers, except the very detailed Key-Statistics. Read more here...

    Modification: Reset counters every day.
    When the TypOmeter discovers that a new day has started, all counters are reset and yesterdays values are stored to the history file.
    Previously all numbers kept accumulating as long as the TypOmeter was running. In situations where the computer was not turned off during night, the values kept increasing, and finally they gave no useful information. Now the TypOmeter always shows you how many keypresses you have pressed Today.
    If the computer has been in sleep mode, and is waked up some other day, the TypOmeter needs less than a minute to discover that the day has changed.
    The new day starts at 04 o'clock in the morning. I know that people in this business often workes till over midnight (like me... ), and it will be most correct to save the keypresses from those late hours on the previous day. At 04 o'clock in the morning, even the most eager hacker should be in bed... :-) - anyway the counters are reset at this time in the morning. Read more here...

    New Feature: Key Statistics...
    The Key Statistics will show you a lot of useful(?) information about how you utilize each character on your keyboard.
    You will get to know which key you are Pressing most often, which one you are Deleting most frequently, which keys you are having Problems with, and even the Speed of each Key. Read more here...

    New Feature: Test Yourself...
    The TypOmeter has a feature where you can test your own typing performance in a controlled environment. You have to write a predefined text, and you starts and stops the test. You can define the text you want to use in the test yourself. This way your performance is measured accurately. You gets an extensive report regarding your typing performance, it even shows your spelling mistakes. You can print this report. Read more here...

    New Feature: Performance Monitor
    When you run a test using the Test Yourself facility, all the important key values from the test is logged. These data are shown in appropriate graphs in the Performance Monitor; clearly indicating your development. When time goes, and you runs a new test, let's say once a week, the monitor will show how you develop yourself as a typist. This is a function under the Test Yourself facility.
    You can change the username, e.g. so you can have one user for exersises, and one for tests.
    You can print all the data from the Performance Monitor. Read more here...

    New Feature: Word Counter
    The TypOmeter counts the number of typed words while you are typing. This feature works best while writing prosa, i.e. like writing a Word-document. The Word typing speed, measured in WPM,words pr minute, is added as a tiny little indicator on the outer edge of the TypOmeter, and the Word Typing Speed statistics is added to the Type Recorder. Read more here...

    New Feature: Skins
    Three different skins are now available, one sober Black&White (very much like the one used in cars), a more colorful redish variant, and the old Blue Velvet and Wooden like from version 1.02. Select Skin from the popup menu (right mouseclik on the TypOmeter).

    New Feature: Create your own Skins
    If you think the default skins are boring, you can design skins yourself. Just make a bmp picture according to these guidelines, and select it in the Skin-menu.

    New Feature: Average in Type Recorder
    The Average speed is calculated for each of the five last minutes. These averages is shown as horisontal lines, and are calculated both for the Keystrokes pr minute and Words pr minute. Read more here...

    New Feature: Key Hint
    Click on the TypOmeter, and a small hint will show all essensial values spelled out. There are quite a lot of numbers there, so the Hint will be visible for 10 seconds unless you move the mouse. If you didn't manage to read all, just click on the TypOmeter again, and the Hint will be shown again. Read more here...

    New Feature: Beep on "Bad Key"
    "Bad Key" in this context is the Delete and Backspace keys. To make it more painful when you press one of these, you can make the typometer make a beep when one of these buttons are pressed. The idea is that if it "hurts" when one of these are pressed, then you will consentrate more on type correctly the first time...

    New Feature: Print TypeRecorder
    You can now print the graph in the TypeRecorder.

    Modification: Reduced number of timers.
    Previously the TypOmeter used more than 30 internal timers, now it use only 6.
    A Timer is a system resource that is limited on all computers, and the number of available Timers can vary from 16 to several thousand. Normally this is not a problem, but from a technical point of view somewhat important to use as few as possible in an application...

    Bugfix: Accented characters fixed
    The TypOmeter had some problems with accented characters, (characters that are a combination of two keys at the keyboard), like , , etc.... This is now fixed, the TypOmeter does not filter any characters anymore. An disadvantage is that native letters like norwegian , and etc, will be counted as Special Characters, and not as Good Keys.

    Removed Feature: Memory Load Indicator
    Removed due to lack of space when adding the Word Counter. Use Windows Task Manager instead.

    Version 1.02. 20.05.2000
    # Bugfix: Sometimes the number of typed keys/mouseklicks in the current session was not saved properly. This resulted in a too low, and incorrect total-counter. This is now fixed.
    # The "Thank you" dialog on close is removed.
    # Now the typometer is drawn correctly even if the user has changed the border width or the title bar height of the windows, using the control panel->display->apperance.

    Version 1.01. 26.09.1999
    # First version released on the Internet.
    # All basic functionality implemented

    Known problems:
    There have been reported that Gabe's TypOmeter and 3D Studio Max does not work properly together. If you want to run 3D Studio Max, I suggest you close the TypOmeter to avoid any problems.

    Support and Copyrights

    Please refer to the online help for further details about options and functionality in Gabe's TypOmeter.

    This application is Freeware, and you are free to distribute the installation file tmSetup.exe anywhere. The latest version will always be available at http://www.informatics.no

    All use of this application is at your own risk.

    For support or any question regarding this application please send an e-mail to gabrielsen@informatics.no.

    Copyright (c) Informatics 1998, 2002