What is Gabe's Backup Assistant?

Making backup of your files is one of the tasks you should be doing every day, but doesn’t. When the working day ends, you have other things in mind than making backup, so off you go!

Gabe's Backup Assistant is an application that helps you to make backup every day, with no effort at all. All you have to do is to tell Gabe’s Backup Assistant which files you want to back up and where the backup is to be stored. Then Gabe’s Backup Assistant does the work when you shut down your computer, making sure backup is taken every day.

How to use

Gabe’s Backup Assistant is very simple and flexible to use, and it’s up to you which files the assistant should back up. The leading idea about the assistant is that only files with value to you should be backed up. If your system collapses, you can reinstall all software, but the files you have made could be lost. Therefore you have to tell explicitly what file types to back up. This way the assistant needs less time to do the work, and only important files are copied.

The Backup Assistant is extremely simple to configure and use:

In the main dialog you have the full overview of all settings. Here you decide when the backup routine should run: now, at shut down of the computer or even at reboot. You may also set some other handsome options, i.e. that the Backup Assistant should hide itself at startup.

You may click at the thumbnail to get a better view of the main dialog.

When you want to add or change a backup item you will meet the Directory and file type dialog. Here you decide which file types you want to back up, where they should be copied from, and where the copy should be saved. Here you set all properties for all your different backup items. You can have as many backup items as you want, giving you complete control of your backup.

You may click at the thumbnail to get a better view of the dialog.


You are free to download Gabe's Backup Assistant v 1.01 here (ca. 1Mb) . (Win95/98, WinNt4.0)


Download Gabe's Backup Assistant and unzip the .zip file by using i.e. WinZip. Run setup.exe and follow the instructions.

Support and Copyrights

Please refer to the online help for further details regarding options and functionality in Gabe's Backup Assistant. This version of this application is Freeware, and you are free to distribute it if you keep the exe, hlp and txt files together.

All use of this application is at your own risk.

For support or any question regarding this application please send an e-mail to support@informatics.no.

Copyright (c) Informatics 1998, 2002