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Components published here are totally free to use (freeware), but please do not modify the source code within the .pas units.
These are things we found useful to make components of, and hopefully it will be useful to others than our selves too. Each component is presented with a description, instructions and a downloadable .zip-file.

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Pub. 30.08.99 - v1.0 / D4, D5
This component provides an easy way to control mutexes. The most obvious use to many people is to check if your application is already running. In some cases it could be important to prevent more than one instance of your application to start. If this is the case for any of you applications, TinfMutex is perfect for the job. All you have to is to call one single function, and decide what actions to take if the application already is running.
Mutexes are really created to control a critical areas, and this component off course makes this easier for your. How-to-use included in the header of the .pas file. It is very simple to use.
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Pub. 30.08.99 - v1.0 / D4, D5
Ever wanted to display, or just read build information from your, or another, application runtime? This component makes it an one-function-call job to retrieve info as build number, copyrights, version, author, build type and much more. All the information is stored in properties, which makes it easy to access. Perfect for dynamic about-boxes and info applications.  You can get build information from any file you specify. Easy and helpful.
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Pub. 07.09.99 v1.4.1 / D3, D4, D5
Actually a registry interface. It has three groups of methods. One for setting/getting registry information, much faster to use than Delphi's original functions (That's what I think. These are overloaded, so there is only one function to call, whatever the type of registry data it is). The second group is methods to export or import parts of- or whole of the registry into/from properties or files. Easy to import, easy to export. You choose the format, default is REGEDIT4 format. Exports and imports binary fields as well off course. The third group is used to compare registry parts. You can compare the whole registry, or only parts, and get the differences between two exported files/properties into a property or to a file. Pretty handy actually. Source file for D3 included.

Never installed components in Borland Delphi before ?

It is pretty easy actually. First start up Borland Delphi (3, 4 or 5).Go to the Component menu on the top menu bar. Then choose install component... Press the Browse button to the right of the edit box labeled unit file name, then navigate your way to the component (.pas file) you want to install. Then a list appears, showing the components installed in the current package (package contents list). Press the compile button. If it compiled all right, close the package contents list  and choose yes to save changes to your package.

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