What is Gabe's Label Editor?

Gabe's Label Editor is a specialized editor for making printed labels for diskettes.

This editor focuses on speed and easiness, making new labels in a rush. The editor is extremely simple to use, and has a magnificent WYSIWYG interface. It also has specialized functions for the numbering of the labels, and the Label Editor supports several label formats.

How to use

Gabe's Label Editor is very simple to use. You just fill inn the empty fill-inn boxes with your text. When the diskette looks just as you want, you push the print button and if you have inserted some proper labels into your printer, they should be finished by now… You may save the labels to file for future use.

Gabe's Label Editor is extremely simple to configure and use:

In the main dialog you have the full control of your label:
Just type your settings, i.e. company name, product name, and give the number of labels in the set. You may also choose to have a logo or an other picture on the label. On the left side you will always see how the label will look like on the first diskette. If you choose to preview the labels, you will also see all the other labels in your set.
With this approach it is very fast to generate a new label, with a consistent look, and without any fuzz at all! (If you have tried to make a label in some of the big text editors, and you have been in a hurry, you probably know what I 'am talking about...)

You may click at the thumbnail to get a better view of the main dialog.


You are free to download Gabe's Label Editor v 1.05 here, just choose your platform:

For Win95/98 and WinNt4.0/2000/Me/XP, download this file: GL32.zip, approx 900kB.
For Win3.11, download this file: GL16.zip , approx 800kB.


IMPORTANT : Rename the files to .exe (like rename GL32._zip to GL32.exe and double click to run/install the program). Run the self extracting exe and follow the instructions.

Support and Copyrights

Please refer to the online help for further details regarding options and functionality in Gabe's Label Editor. This version of this application is Freeware, and you are free to distribute it if you keep the files together.

All use of this application is at your own risk.

For support or any question regarding this application please send an e-mail to gabrielsen@informatics.no.

Copyright (c) Informatics 1998, 2002