What is MouseTracker

MouseTracker is an application that display and store information about how many mouse clicks, keyboard presses and how long a distance you have moved your mouse pointer. The information is stored in a log file, and statistics may be presented through a bar chart. You are also able to see where you move your mouse pointer most often, where you click most often etc. Try it out, it's pretty amusing. Take a look at the small screen shot.


You may download MouseTracker v1.1.34 here (ca. 2Mb) . (Win95/98, WinNt4.0)
Also it is possible to download an information document (rich text - 9kb) and a document containing screenshots and explanation (Word97 - 285 kb). Both these documents are included in the MouseTracker main download.


Download MouseTracker and unzip the .zip file by using i.e. WinZip, then run setup.exe and follow the instructions. If you want to copy it to floppy disks, you need two 1.44 Mb diskettes. Then copy the files "_setup.2" and "" on floppy no. 2 and the rest of the files on disk 1.


This is not freeware. To continue our development we rely on customers to pay the very small license price. So if you decide to use our software, please registrate your software (information in the application). All use of this application is at own risk.

small screen shot :

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