Gabe's Odd Form Editor is a specialized tool for Delphi developers to simplify the creation of odd and cool forms. Such forms is most common in about boxes or splash screens, and lately in "skins" in different media players.

Creating rectangles and circles is not so hard, but any non-regular forms are a time-consuming task to accomplish. You have to manually detect every single node which outline your form, and then write code in Delphi for each node. Gabe's Odd Form Assistant helps you in this boring work, automatically creating the necessary source for all possible shapes you could think of.

The tool is very simple to use, has a WYSIWYG interface, full online help and a simple tutorial for first time users. When your form has exactly the shape you want it to, you just save the generated source as a .pas unit, and use the magic "CreateOddForm" procedure.
The generated source in compatible with any 32 bit version of Delphi.

How to use

  1. Draw a cool shape in any graphical editor. The drawing should be Black&White, where the black areas represent the visible parts of your form, or you can choose to let the tool generate the masked bitmap for you. You can easily adjust the sensitiveness of which gray tones/colors to include in the generated masked bitmap.
  2. Load the picture into Gabe's Odd Form Assistant, and scan the picture. The tool finds all necessary nodes to generate this form from within Delphi.
  3. Preview the cool form, and when satisfied, generate the necessary source and save it as a .pas file. Include the saved file in your project, and use the "CreateOddForm" procedure to transform the square form to a cool one.
  4. You could also draw the entire contents of your cool form, and load it into a TImage in your form, making your form even cooler.

You may click at the thumbnail to get a better view of the main dialog.


Just like this could your form look like!

You may click at the thumbnail to get a better view of the cool form.


This is version 1.5, 20.05.2000. Here you may read the full history record.


You are free to download Gabe's Odd Form Assistant here, only 327kB.


Just unzip the, with i.e. WinZip in a proper directory, and run the GabesOddForm.exe. Follow the online help in Gabe's Odd Form Assistant for instructions for use.

Support and Copyrights

Please refer to the online help for further details regarding options and functionality in Gabe's Odd Form Assistant. This version of this application is Freeware, and you are free to distribute it.

All use of this application is at your own risk.

For support or any question regarding this application please send an e-mail to

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